In stock! Rokid Air AR Smart Glasses 120" Screen with 1080P OLED Dual Display

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Explorer un nouveau monde de divertissement avec les lunettes de réalité augmentée Rokid Air AR. Avec un écran 1080P OLED offrant une résolution de 43°FoV et 55PPD, vous pouvez profiter d'une expérience immersive à la maison. Avec une taille d'écran de 120" et un design pliable, profitez de la plus grande expérience de jeu.SPECIFICATIONS

Brand Name: JYYXF

Compatible Brand: other

Compatible Model: other

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Wireless Adapter

Model Number: Rokid Air AR Smart Glasses

Package: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920*1080

High Definition Support: 1080P

Newest Rokid Air AR Smart Glasses course

How to connect Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Windows, Swtich, iPad,

DJI UAVand other devices.

Note: If the link cannot be operated, leave the mailbox and the model of the equipment used.

Newest Rokid Air AR Smart Glasses 120" Screen with 1080P OLED Foldable Home Game Viewing Device

Rokid Air is perfect for people who wear glasses.By turning the focus adjustment knobs, nearsighted users (myopia of -5.00 D or less) can achieve perfect vision.You don’t have to wear your prescription lenses or contacts anymore!

  • Turn Your Phone into a Touchpad

Unlike VR sets, Rokid Air has a new and powerful way for you to interact with its virtual screen. Youdon’t
have to buy extra controllers to move the pointer. Your phone becomes a
versatile touchpad after connecting with Rokid Air.

  • How to Use?

Tap to click, slide to control the pointer...It's as easy as operating your laptop's trackpad.

  • Touchpad Gestures - Beginner's Guide:


  • High Resolution

The 1920*1080*2 resolution that Rokid Air produces results in crisp details,
vivid colors, and stunning visuals. You can run native resolution on 
most of your devices without any difficulty and with excellent display 

  • High Refresh Rate & Brightness

Rokid Air's75Hz refresh rate means more information reaches your eyes in the same amount of time,leading to smoother-looking motion. It can indeed do wonders for gamers. Meanwhile, with the BirdBath optical engine,the brightness is up to 1800 nits, which allows Rokid Air to look bright and clear even on the sunniest of days.

  • Immersive 120'' Display

Rokid Air offers crisp images witha large FoV. It’s like watching a 120'' screenfrom
just a few feet away! You will be impressed by the experience, 
especially as it overlays onto your real-world surroundings, allowing 
you to see both the real and virtual worlds while playing a video or 
viewing other content at the same time.

  • Immersive, But Private

Rokid Air lets youenjoy entertainment in your own private world anywhere and anytime.Anything on the screen is completely private and invisible to others from any angle soyou can discretely enjoy your content in total privacy.

Add-On Items - Rokid Air Adapter:

Connect Via a Wirless Adapter: If your device doesn't support DisplayPort over USB-C but supports Wi-Fi screen projection (e.g., iPhone, Xiaomi, etc.), please refer to the user manual of the wireless adapter and connect the device.

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.